TENDING BRIGID’S FORGE … forging under a full moon

Following workshop is on offer:

According to Pagan beliefs, Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of Fire & Smith Craft. She is often depicted with flames emanating from her palms, warming hearth & home and sparking inspiration in creative individuals.

Waterside is pleased to host the new ‘Tending Brigid’s Forge’ workshop in collaboration with the Muses of Mystery. The evening workshop will be preceded by a smudge smoking and whilst harnessing the energy of a full moon, participants will learn how to forge a small ornate wand in which an object of significance can be embedded. The evening will conclude with a fire ceremony and the sharing of some refreshments and food (please bring a small plate to share).

This workshop is intended for people who would like to explore the magic of the forging process and who have little to no experience working with steel and fire. Discover that blacksmithing is about finesse and patience, not brute strength!

price: $250 

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