Wrought Iron


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Rare and sought after, we are proud to be offering recycled wrought iron that has been re-rolled and puddled in the UK.
Wrought iron is sold/kg and we have a variety of small sections in stock. Please get in touch before ordering.

Wrought iron is the forge-able, ferrous material that was made until the mid-twentieth century and has been replaced by modern mild steel. Think of old ship anchors, chains, wagon wheels, … It was originally called ‘wrought’ (worked) to distinguish it from ‘cast’ (poured) iron and its manufacture required extensive forming under power hammers and through rollers. It has a composite nature which is fibrous like wood and consists of iron silicate intimately mingled with iron. This combination gives wrought iron its resistance to corrosion, plasticity when hot and tensile strength when cold that are generally greater than in mild steel. These great forging characteristics make it so appealing to the seasoned blacksmith.


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