Coke (Nut Coke)


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Most blacksmiths would agree ‘SIZE MATTERS’ That’s why we only stock a premium grade nut size (10-30mm) coke with a low ash content. The smaller size coke provides an even, long lasting heat that is far superior over the patchy heat provided by some of the chunky coke sold in the marketplace. Coke burns clean and In inner city environments and indoors settings, where air quality is of utmost importance, the burning of coke is preferable to that of coal.

Following options are available:

– 20L pickup only; woven polyethylene bags, ready to be picked up.
– 20L ready for shipping: bags are packed in dust free boxes, ready to be shipped.
– fill up your own container for $1.1/L, a standard 6’x4′ (0.7m3) trailer would cost $770 (incl GST). Available Tuesdays-Saturdays by appointment, please call Steve (0434 332 541) to arrange a time.

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