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Before deciding on an anvil we recommend reading our blog post ‘buying a quality anvil’.

WEIGHT (KG)A: Total Length (mm)B: Total Height (mm)C: Face Width (mm)Face LengthD: Horn Length (mm)E x F: Base Dimensions (mm)G: Pritchel Hole (mm)H: Hardy Hole (mm)
100kg #587502801253201627
150kg #588203101403601927
210kg #5810303651304301927
German made, these professional anvils are often described as the Rolls Royce of anvils and are produced from the toughest steel throughout with the face and horns guaranteed to be at least 59HRC and chip resistant edges.
They are produced according to a 150-year old design and have the highest rebound (over 90%) in the market.
The ‘South German style’ anvils have a wide face which transitions into a round or square horn at either end. Each anvil has a round (pritchel) hole and a square (hardy) hole located to the side of the main face, with very thick steel underneath the holes.

Model 58 Includes an upsetting block and shelf.

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100kg, 150kg

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