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Before deciding on an anvil we recommend reading our blog post ‘buying a quality anvil’.

WEIGHT (KG)A: Total Length (mm)B: Total Height (mm)C: Face Width (mm)Face LengthD: Horn Length (mm)E x F: Base Dimensions (mm)G: Pritchel Hole (mm)H: Hardy Hole (mm)
2 horn
635260120425210220 x 34512.5 &1625
2 horn
700290130465235225 x 37512.5 &1625

Eastern Europe has been producing anvils for a very long time and the Polish Perun anvils are well designed and produced with attention to detail. The 2-horn anvils have longer faces compared to the 1-horn anvils of the same weight, allowing longer steel stock to be forged.

All Perun anvils have heavy, curved bases with completely flat milled bottoms which makes them very stable whilst muffling bothersome sounds during forging. All bases have upsetting blocks. The special shape of the slim horn allows for complex but precise work such as bending material at any angle or making rings with a regular diameter. The curved bottom of the square horn allows for easy removal of hardy tools.

Perun anvils are made from a special alloy steel (containing Mn, Mo, Si, Cr, Ni) resulting in smooth faces on which work pieces slide easily, reducing fatigue (the faces of steel anvils without alloy additions become rough over time). All anvils are cast in one piece (no welding) and every casting is checked for possible defects such a cracks and cavities before they are heat treated and machined. After hardening, all anvils are checked and re-hardened if required. They are hardest in the middle with hardness decreasing towards the ends and edges to protect them from chipping and breaking over time.

We had the anvils independently tested and the test results show an average inferred hardness of 57HRC on the edges and faces.

We stock 2 different sizes.

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Weight130 kg
Dimensions110 × 110 × 40 cm

100kg, 75kg

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