cokebagsWaterside is pleased to announce our COKE SALE! For a limited duration we will be selling our coarse coke (5-100mm) for $15/20kg bag or $12.50 for sales of 4 bags or more. Trailer loads can also be purchased at $10/20kg (self loading only). Our peanut forging coke (5-35mm) is also available at $25/20kg bag or $20/20kg for sales of 4 bags or more.

Waterside’s high quality, low ash coke is great for blacksmithing, AGA stoves, coke fired steam boilers and many other heating uses. As all those who use it regularly will know, coke is superior to coal in that it provides a hot, smokeless fire which is important in any setting where air quality needs to be maintained. The coke is metallurgical grade and originated from Corrimal Coke works in NSW which unfortunately recently closed after 100yrs of operations. Whilst stock lasts only!