Waterside rocks @ Laneway Festival

For those of you who didn’t make it, Saturday just passed saw Waterside immersed in the middle of the vibrant musical conflagration known as St Jeromes Laneway Festival. This year there were 15,000 people charging around the precinct watching some of the most hip, up and coming local and international bands.  We were privileged to be able to see the Mistletoe Stage from the forge entrance and watched numerous bands, (inlcuding Little Dragon and Banks) shake it out. It was awesome! Waterside’s creative Blacksmithing demonstrations were well received and over 70 people registered there interest in comin’ on down to learn more.The forge was able to display some awesome new paintings undertaken by local Sunshine artist and general all round creative Robert Jackson. It was a hot day and we couldn’t resist getting the hose out to cool things down a bit 🙂 Big thanks to Jerome, Danny and the rest of the Laneway team for supporting the studio.


Laneway1504    Laneway15Laneway1502