NSW Blacksmith Doug Moseley coming to Waterside Festival to give talks and Demonstrations

dougmoseleyWe are pleased to announce that Doug Moseley, one of NSW’s most esteemed and experienced blacksmiths will be attending the Waterside Blacksmithing & Metal Art festival.  By way of background, Doug completed his formal training at Panorama Technical Collage in Adelaide after which he relocated to Port Macquarie where he was instrumental in the formation of the New South Wales Artist Blacksmith Association in 1993.  After 37 years producing iron work, Doug is now semi retired, however his passion has not waned for public demonstrating which he will be doing with gusto at the festival. Doug’s talks will focus on traditional blacksmithing processes and techniques. Go to Doug’s Website if you want to know more or just come and see him at the festival (demonstration time slots to be confirmed on festival timetable shortly).