Maribyrnong Council Team Building Event…..a fiery Ikebana!

Last Friday saw representatives from the Arts and Culture team at Maribyrnong City Council drop into Waterside for an end of year team forging event and BBQ. After receiving a crash course in safety and metal movement, the team donned their leather aprons, grabbed a hammer and hit the fires. This was a very new experience for the group, but it didn’t take long before their creative energies were joyously and carefully exploring the possibilities of red hot steel. At the end of two hours, the hand forged creations were gathered together and arranged (with a nod to Ikebana) in  a glorious sculptural bouquet which was subsequently set in a piece of western basalt plains bluestone and now resides at Council offices. It was a wonderful afternoon and we appreciate the positive feedback received. Don’t hesitate to contact Waterside if you think your work team needs some creative bonding over some anvils and red hot iron 🙂

Forge induction for the MCC arts & culture team