Leg ViceLeg Vice


We were tired of waiting for decent second hand leg vices to appear in the classifieds so we have decided to import our own. These high quality leg vices have a jaw width of 150mm and a total height of 450mm. Unlike older models, which often had a pivot point located at a fixed position on the end of the leg, the leg on these vices gradually thins out allowing it to be cut-off to customise the final working height of the jaws.


Used Leg Vice and Stand

Leg Vice StandDrill Press Vice - quick releaseDrill Press Vice - quick releasePlumbers Vice

TYPEA: Jaw Width (mm)B: Jaw Opening (mm)L: Total Length (cm)PRICE
incl GST (AUD)
Leg Vice150160106.5$620
Drill Press Vice, quick release$135


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