bowls by Ben BeamesFORGING BOWLS

Following 1-day workshop is on offer:

This workshop is suitable for all former Waterside students (18+) who have completed Module 1.

Students will learn how to forge small bowls with lids using hot and cold forming techniques, involving a combination of top tools, striking and fly-presses. Knobs on lids will be formed through a technique called ‘upsetting’ and ‘hot rivetted’ in place. Finally, internal surfaces are grit blasted to allow fusing of colourful vitreous glass enamels. At the end of the day, all students will take home their enamelled objects and the knowledge/skill to incorporate this wonderful technique into their forging practice.

This class will be taught by Tasmanian based designer/maker Ben Beames. Ben has been working with steel for the past 15 years, running his own business, specialising in custom made steel sculptures and objects, participating in numerous blacksmithing events around the world and teaching sculpture classes in the US. Ben draws inspiration from the fluid forms found in nature. His creative process is one of action and observation – ‘through working with intent and a willingness to accept compromise, new ideas emerge’…

Age Requirements

Minimum age for students is 15.

Price $430 

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