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Days from 1pm-4:30pm

This beginners class provides an excellent introduction to basic blacksmithing techniques and use of a coke forge to allow the forging of a fire poker using a hammer and anvil. Attendees will initially undertake a safety induction to the studio and be provided with all personal protective equipment necessary (safety glasses, gloves and leather apron). They will then be allocated their own forging station equipped with an anvil, tongs and hammer.

Demonstrations will be undertaken covering each progressive step required to forge a functional fire poker. Participants will then forge their own poker under the guidance of an experienced instructor/s. Completed fire pokers will be hot brushed and waxed and taken home. This experience serves as an excellent taster before enrolling in a Module 1 course at Waterside.

price: $160 (Adults) / $140 (Youth, 12-17yrs)

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