Following 3-day workshop is on offer:

  • Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm & Monday 9:00am-5:00pm – will be available again in 2021, register your interest

This workshop is suitable for experienced practitioners including former Waterside students who practice regularly.

Waterside is pleased to be offering a 3-day course to learn, explore, question and play with the endless possibilities of the creative intersection between Australian botanicals and blacksmithing.

The course will start with a guided tour through the Royal Botanical Gardens with Chrissi Charles, an aspiring botanical horticulturalist. She will be directing us through three key Australian Plant collections, assisting us with short drawing sessions and discussing key plants and plant stories along the way. In the afternoon, armed with a wealth of information, sketches, rubbings and inspiration, we will return to the Waterside studio to explore design options, techniques and tooling required to forge botanically inspired sculptures. Over the following two days, the student will then be guided through the design and forging of their own personal interpretation of a botanical form.

Once again, the course will be headed by our excellent guest teacher Pete Mattila who will provide guidance and support throughout the course. Pete will be supported by our familiar Waterside crew and Christine Charles. Christine is passionate about plants and has formal tertiary qualifications in plant sciences (botany and ecology), jewellery and has been experimenting with metal in her studio for over five years. She recently completed a three-month internship at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens and currently works for the Plant Society at their retail nursery and in plant maintenance.

Price $1100 / $990 (student under 24)

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