Wrought Iron Arrives for Festival

Have you ever heard seasoned blacksmiths talking longingly about wrought iron and praising its great forging characteristics? These same people can also be found shamelessly sifting through old rusty metal parts

2017 Blacksmithing Festival – Workshops

WORKSHOP PRICE REDUCED – 25% off The 2 last spots to Shawn Lovell’s workshop are now being offered at a 25% discount. There is 1 spot left in each workshop

2017 Blacksmithing Festival – Workshops

The workshops with Shawn Lovell are filling quickly. Only 3 spots left in Workshop 2. To secure a spot, visit http://watersidemetalart.org/workshop-info/

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Following beginners courses are now open for enrolment: Module 1 – for absolute beginners Saturdays from 8:00am-11:30am: ENROL in March Course ( Feb 25th / Mar 4th / Sep 11th / Sep 18th) – FULL ENROL

Coke Sale – buy 2 get 1 free

Just in time for summer a new load of coke has arrived – and for a limited time only – we are selling our premium peanut coke at 3 bags