drop forged anvils from 20kg to 75kgBLACKSMITH ANVILS

After researching various options, Waterside recently imported a range of blacksmith anvils for our studio and customers.  The 20kg to 75kg anvils are produced from drop forged CF45 Carbon Steel, whilst the larger anvils are produced from alloyed cast steel. All anvils have been hardened and surface planed. Following independent testing we are pleased to confirm that the quality of the drop forged anvils had an average inferred hardness of 59HRC on the edges and faces and 53HRC on the horns.  The face and horns of the bigger Refflinghaus anvils are guaranteed to be at least 59HRC. Try comparing that to the hardness of many of the cast iron Anvil Shaped Objects (ASO) now being imported into Australia….most of which look like they’ve been through a hailstorm after a small amount of use. Produced in our preferred South German style, all anvils exhibit quite a wide face which transitions into a round or square horn at either end. Each anvil has a round (pritchel) hole and a square (hardy) hole located to the side of the main face with dimensions varying as outlined below:


hardness testingRefflinghaus anvil model 58Refflinghaus anvil model 57silversmith anvil

WEIGHT (KG)A: Total Length (mm)B: Total Height (mm)C: Face Width (mm)Face LengthD: Horn Length (mm)E x F: Base Dimensions (mm)G: Pritchel Hole (mm)H: Hardy Hole (mm)PRICE (AUD)
20kg39015580170110140 x 1652022$365
35kg47520095205135170 x 1952022$645
50kg550220110230160210 x 2502325$920
75kg625265125255185235 x 2752325$1350
100kg Refflinghaus model 577502801253201627$2485
100kg Refflinghaus model 587502801253201627$2865
150kg Refflinghaus model 578203101403601627$3350
150kg Refflinghaus model 588203101403601927$3963
210kg Refflinghaus model 5810303651304301927$5282
425g Silversmith Anvil Refflinghaus, chromium steel

Introducing the Anvillo!

anvilloHow long have you been looking for that small drop forged studio/utility vice that not only holds your steel in an iron grip but also has a small face and horn for forging? Well you need wait no longer!

Weight (KG)B: Jaw Width (mm)W: Jaw Opening (mm)S: Jaw Depth (mm)H: Height (mm)L: Length (mm)D1 x D2: Base (mm)Hole Distances (mm)PRICE (AUD)
17kg12510073.5138.5450140 x 160100 x 110$415